19 April 2013

from a sketch-book: tree series

tree series, 2009 ©m.cassapidis 


  1. i like seeing the book. it makes the image more physical ... i can almost feel the texture of the paper ...


  2. J'adore regarder les arbres
    le tien est splendide NADINE bisou

  3. it is almost like a smell for me today, this thing which calls us, that which asks to be identified. i look through your work as though handling material, fine - valuable - although not necessarily fine old clothes, birch bark, flowers, and wonder what it is, what is that thing, that voice, which asks of us to be heard and asks of us to utter its voice again, anew, in a new way?

    i spend a lot of time with trees and yet your tree is so very particularly your trees)))



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