28 January 2013

Night’s brittle song...

νύχτα  ©fourteenth

Night’s brittle song, sliver-thin
Shatters into a billion fragments
Of quiet shadows
At the blaring jazz
Of a morning sun.

Frank  Marshall Davis, "Four Glimpses of Night" from Black Moods: Collected Poems


morning gold dark open sky

14 January 2013

watchful~ άγρυπνο

hold (better photo)
watchful ~ άγρυπνο ©fourteenth

As long as you know I am waiting,
take your time flowers of the spring.  


4 January 2013

Schubertiana : Tomas Tranströmer

αναπαυση rest 013
ανάπαυση ~  rest 013    ©fourteenth


The string quintet is playing. I walk home through warm forests with the
ground springy under me,
curl up like an embryo, fall asleep, roll weightless into the future, suddenly
feel that the plants have thoughts.

from Schubertiana
by Tomas Tranströmer
translated by Robert Fulton

thanks to tuvala

A meeting ~ Συνάντηση


1 January 2013

a journey

mythic bull journey
journey of the bull   ©fourteenth

It is an ever-fixed mark
that looks on tempests and
is never shaken. 

~William Shakespeare

The current that with gentle murmur glides

cloudbird, 2012   ©fourteenth

The current that with gentle murmur glides ~ William Shakespeare

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