3 September 2012

The longing of no longing : washed stones


All is sand. The way it touches, mirrors and adheres to skin. Crystals clean as winnowed grain. Hot on the surface, cool in the under-dark. Poems distant on the horizon, belly-dancing in liquid heat. This is the longing of no longing. Hearing the far-off soul’s music, with no desire in my hips.

©Ruth of washed stones


  1. This is the longing of no longing.

    can there be anything cleaner then this?

    beautiful ruth))) (and married so well with this photograph)


  2. what a glorious marriage of ruth's poetry and maria's image.......so stunning. i have just left the beach myself and there is definitely longing..

  3. Thank you for this. And thank you for the image, which stuns with its beautiful symmetry.


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