23 August 2012

We are only passing by.

water and pebbles3

Looking down
lines of light reflecting;
little fish around my feet

Fish, light, cool sea-surface--

We are only passing by. We were never really here.


  1. Our footsteps in water don't last too long, and that fleeting sense is symbolic.

  2. there is such fluidity to time, the world, we hardly amount to anything.

    and yet, in the forest last night i asked the trees, how many of you to undo the violence that we inflict? how is it that in the course of things we are but a memory, however our memory has teeth and we destroy so much.

    but perhaps in the end, after it all, after we have torn all we can tear and we have disappeared the trees will still stand and sway in the wind.


  3. this is a beautiful photo, maria ~

    yes, as the buddha said, life is like writing in the water with a stick..


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