21 July 2012

Into Arcadia :Seamus Heaney

Ήφαιστος   ©fourteenth

Into Arcadia

It was opulence and amen on the mountain road.
Walnuts bought on a high pass from a farmer
Who'd worked in Melbourne once and now trained water
Through a system of pipes and runnels of split reed
Known in Hellas, probably, since Hesiod -
That was the least of it. When we crossed the border
From Argos into Arcadia, and farther
Into Arcadia, a lorry load
Of apples had burst open on the road
So that for yards our tyres raunched and scrunched them
But we drove on, juiced up and fleshed and spattered,
Revelling in it. And then it was the goatherd
With his goats in the forecourt of the filling station,
Subsisting beyond eclogue and translation.

Seamus Heaney
Sonnets From Hellas


  1. εντελώς αυθαίρετα , κοιτάζοντας την εικόνα μου έρχεται στο νου το όνομα Ηφαιστος. μεταλλουργία στο κέντρο ζεστή, κρυστάλλωση σε σχηματισμούς στο πλάι.

  2. " 'Ηφαιστος " λοιπόν!


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